Living in Mauritius: Reasons and Benefits

If living on a paradise island appeals to you, you may want to consider Mauritius. Located off the coast of Madagascar, our island is known not only for its natural beauty, but also for the exceptional freedom enjoyed by its citizens. Its relaxed atmosphere, welcoming community and accessible immigration policies make it an ideal place to live, work or retire. With the introduction of new visa policies to encourage residency, now is the perfect time to establish a home on the island.
In fact, many expatriates are currently moving to Mauritius to take advantage of these new visa policies. If you are considering doing same, let us convince you to come and live in Mauritius.

Reasons to move to Mauritius

Natural beauty

Right off the bat, Mauritius is a beautiful place to live and work. Even with a size of 800 square miles, the island features pristine beaches, majestic mountains, thick rainforest and breathtaking waterfalls. With all this in front of you, you’ll never run out of places to ex-plore, whether you just want to relax on the beach or rappel down a waterfall. Once home to the dodo, you’ll find more than 100 species of birds, colourful geckos, and even dol-phins on the coast.

Welcoming visa policies

Mauritius already had favourable visa policies, but the island has recently become even more accessible to nomads and expats. The Premium Travel Visa allows visitors to stay in Mauritius for a full year. Granted, you must receive your income from outside the coun-try to be eligible, but digital nomads and retirees can take advantage of this program. It’s a great way to get a taste of Mauritius and see if it’s right for you full-time. Professionals and retirees can apply for residency permits based on their income, and you can apply for permanent residency after just 3 years.

Affordable cost of living

Another positive for expats looking to move to Mauritius is the affordable cost of living. While some items may be more expensive due to the island’s location, this is more than offset by the price of housing, which is competitive. Certainly, finding a place to live in the city centre can be more expensive than expected. Moreover, a strong public transportation system makes it easy to commute if necessary.

Favourable tax system

Taxes are also a huge advantage for expats in Mauritius. Income is subject to a low 10% tax, and 15% for higher incomes, and in some cases Solidarity Levy is applicable, so you’ll be able to keep more of your salary for personal use.

An active labour market

Mauritius has a booming job market, especially in the technology and communications sectors, with most of these jobs available to expatriates. Tourism and hospitality is another thriving sector in Mauritius and one of the island’s major employers. The average income in Mauritius is approximately €1,125 per month. Mauritius has very good access and inter-net speed, you can consider working remotely. Is there really a better place than Mauritius to be a digital nomad?


Mauritius has one of the best education systems in Africa, with free education from kin-dergarten to university. The island also has several high quality international schools, both French and English speaking, which offer the opportunity to take international exams such as the Baccalaureate or GCSE. Children studying in Mauritius can therefore be pre-pared to enter top universities abroad or to attend one of the excellent universities on the island. As the world slowly returns to normalcy, Mauritius is an ideal and relaxing destination for you and your family. If you are dreaming of moving to Mauritius, now may be the time to make your move.

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