Investing in Mauritius: An Insight into the Blue Economy

Mauritius’s image has evolved significantly over the years. Once considered a small remote island in the Indian Ocean with limited resources, it has transformed into a leading Oceanic State. Thanks to its massive Exclusive Economic Zone of 2.3 million km², including the Chagos region, and a continental shelf of 396,000 km² co-managed with the Republic of Seychelles, today, Mauritius offers a wide range of opportunities in the field of the Blue Economy.

The Blue Economy is based on the sustainable use of ocean resources and promoting economic growth. It s now considered a development engine for Mauritius. Making the preservation of the marine ecosystem and social inclusion one of its top priorities, Mauritius aims to double its blue GDP to 20% in the medium term while ensuring a balanced and environment-friendly socio-economic development.

Defining the Blue Economy

The Blue Economy is a major pillar that aims to sustainably harness marine and coastal resources to foster economic growth while preserving the oceans’ health and promoting social inclusion. It is characterized by the efficient and inclusive management of ocean-related economic activities, encouraging collaboration between governments, private companies, scientists and civil society. This approach highly values the economic and ecological aspects of the oceans. It also emphasizes the responsible and integrated management of these valuable resources for long-term sustainability.

Blue Economy’s framework encompasses various sectors. For instance, fishing and aquaculture are essential components of coastal tourism, which attracts many visitors seeking marine leisure activities. Renewable marine energy is another significant opportunity, with the development of sustainable energy sources from waves and oceanic currents. Shipbuilding, marine biotechnology, oceanographic research, maritime transport and marine resource conservation and management are other areas of investment and innovation supported by the Blue Economy.

This approach promotes technological innovation and scientific research to develop sustainable solutions to boost economic growth while preserving marine ecosystems.

A wide range of opportunities for investors

The diversification of the Blue Economy in Mauritius symbolizes many investment opportunities for foreign entrepreneurs:

Mineral resources

Valuable mineral resources in the seabed offer major investment prospects and contribute to economic growth and the creation of specialized jobs.


The shipbuilding industry in Mauritius is developing rapidly, opening up new prospects for investors keen to participate in this booming sector.

Communication cables

Thanks to its strategic position in the Indian Ocean, Mauritius has become a leading hub for laying submarine communication cables, thus reinforcing an efficient international telecommunications network.

Pharmaceutical companies

Mauritius offers a conducive environment for setting up pharmaceutical companies, thanks to attractive tax benefits and enhanced access to regional and international markets.

Sustainable energy

Exploiting waves and ocean currents provides for the development of sustainable energy sources, which means more investment opportunities in the field of renewable energy.

Coastal tourism

The island’s beautiful coastline attracts many tourists seeking marine leisure activities, paving the way for more significant investment in beachfront resorts and recreational activities.

Fishing and aquaculture

Rich in marine resources, Mauritian waters offer significant investment opportunities in sustainable fisheries and aquaculture that contribute to food security and economic growth.

The ecological transition

Mauritius is actively committed to fighting climate change by encouraging low-carbon maritime practices and the use of marine biotechnology to sustain ocean resources.

In summary

The Blue Economy represents a unique opportunity for foreign investors in Mauritius. As an emerging ocean nation, Mauritius offers a conducive environment for sustainable economic growth while preserving ocean resources and promoting social inclusion. As a result, shipbuilding, mineral resources, communication cables, pharmaceutical companies, sustainable energy, coastal tourism, fisheries and aquaculture are prominent sectors for foreign investment and partnerships.

Magellan is here to assist you with a smart move to Mauritius to help develop a thriving Blue Economy while contributing to a sustainable future for our planet.

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