Five essential new Dubai regulations you need to be aware of in 2024

Every year, the United Arab Emirates makes significant changes to its laws and regulations to improve the lives of its residents, especially in Dubai. If you are planning to move to Dubai, Magellan highlights the five new rules introduced in the UAE in 2024 that you need to know and respect!

Updated Golden Visa requirements

This is great news for real estate investors in Dubai! The previous requirement of a minimum down payment of 1 million dirhams to obtain the 10-year Golden Visa through real estate investment has been scrapped. To be eligible for the Golden Visa, the value of the real estate property must now exceed 2 million dirhams. This change is intended to make the Golden Visa more accessible to a larger number of foreign investors.

Previously, real estate investors had to make a minimum down payment of 1 million dirhams to qualify for the Golden Visa. However, this condition was a barrier for some investors, limiting access to the program and its benefits.

The removal of the minimum down payment should stimulate Dubai’s real estate market, allowing more investors to enjoy the numerous benefits of the Golden Visa, such as long-term residence, the ability to bring family members, and certain tax exemptions.

Electric scooters banned on public transport

As of March 1st, the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has banned the use and transport of electric scooters on the metro and tram. This measure aims to ensure the safety of all public transport users.

The announcement was tweeted by the RTA, which specified that the ban currently applies only to the metro and tram networks. No information has been provided about a potential extension of the ban to buses.

Ban of single-use plastic bags

Since January 1st, 2024, Dubai has taken a significant step toward a more sustainable future by banning the import and purchase of single-use plastic bags. This initiative of His Highness Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai, is part of a broader effort to completely eliminate single-use products from the city.

The ban applies to most single-use plastic bags, with some exceptions, such as thin film rolls for food packaging and garbage bags. Overall, this measure aims to reduce plastic pollution and protect the environment.

More steps are planned to further reduce the use of single-use plastic. Starting June 1st, 2024, other non-plastic single-use products will also be banned.

Non-compliance with the regulation regarding single-use plastic bags is subject to a fine of 200 dirhams. It’s worth noting that Abu Dhabi, the capital city, has already implemented a similar ban in June 2022.

Paid parking at Dubai Mall

Salik, in cooperation with Emaar Malls, has announced that parking at one of the world’s largest malls will soon be paid. Payment will be made through a barrier-free system implemented by Salik with an automated process — charges will be applied through license plate recognition. The payment will be deducted directly from the user’s Salik account, similar to road toll payments. This new law is expected to come into force in the third quarter of 2024. As the price has not yet been announced, stay tuned to What’s On for updates.

Suspension of lotteries and lucky draws in the UAE

Mahzooz, the UAE’s popular lottery, has announced a temporary suspension of its activities starting January 1st, 2024. This decision follows a regulatory mandate aimed at better regulating gambling in the country.

Since Mahzooz’s launch, 64 people have become millionaires, and over half a billion dirhams have been distributed to approximately 1.8 million winners. The temporary suspension will allow authorities to strengthen the gambling regulatory framework and ensure a responsible and fair gaming environment for all participants.

Mahzooz stated on its website that it is working closely with the authorities to lift this suspension as soon as possible. It also thanked its players for their continued support and committed to keeping them informed of the latest developments.

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5 new rules introduced in the UAE in 2024 to know about

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