How to obtain Mauritian citizenship by investment?

Foreigners who wish to become Mauritian citizens can do so through naturalization by investment. Under section 9(3) of the Mauritius Citizenship Act, a foreign investor can indeed become a Mauritian citizen, provided that he/she meets specific financial and residency conditions. Let’s take a close look at this exceptional opportunity to acquire Mauritian nationality.

On what principles is Mauritian citizenship based?

A foreigner can apply for Mauritian citizenship based on one of the following two principles:

  • The principle of Jus Soli (right to land – residence, investment);
  • The principle of Jus Sanguinis (right of blood – by descent).

What are the benefits of having Mauritian nationality?

Mauritius stands out in the ranking of the world’s best countries for second citizenship. Once they have obtained Mauritian nationality through investment, foreigners can:

  • Transmit the Mauritian nationality to their descendants;
  • Buy property outside the programs intended for non-resident foreigners;
  • Invest in Mauritian companies without being subject to the conditions applicable to non-residents;
  • Work in Mauritius without being subject to the conditions applicable to non-residents;
  • Reside in Mauritius without a time limit.

What about dual nationality in Mauritius?

The Mauritian law was strict between 1968 and 1975. Thus, any Mauritian citizen with dual nationality had to renounce his/her second citizenship at the age of 21 if he/she wished to keep his/her Mauritian passport. Today the rules have changed, and this is a considerable benefit for foreign investors wishing to obtain Mauritian nationality: depending on the rules applicable in their country of birth, they can keep their original citizenship.

However, the decision to grant Mauritian citizenship to a foreigner remains at the discretion of the Prime Minister’s Office.

Obtaining Mauritian citizenship through investment

To apply for Mauritian citizenship, foreigners can choose from several investment programs:

The Investor Visa

Under section 9(3) of the Mauritius Citizenship Act, foreign investors may be naturalized if:

  • They have invested at least US$500,000 in Mauritius
  • They have resided in Mauritius for a continuous period of at least two years prior to the date of application.

Under section 9(3) of the Mauritius Citizenship Act, the application must be submitted to the Home Affairs Secretary. The application must be made in the presence of a judge or the Master and Registrar of the Supreme Court or a District Magistrate.

Under section 9(3) of the Mauritius Citizenship Act, the applicant must also publish an advertisement in two daily newspapers.

Real estate investment

The Mauritian government has set up several real estate schemes, allowing foreigners to apply for naturalization under certain conditions.

The Integrated Resort Scheme (IRS): This option consists of purchasing a luxury property built on a freehold plot of at least 10 hectares. The minimum investment is US$ 375,000.

Real Estate Scheme (RES): This option is about buying a luxury property built on freehold land of less than 10 hectares. A minimum investment of US$ 375,000 is required.

Property Development Scheme (PDS): This option involves the purchase of a luxury property with a minimum value of US$ 375,000. The property must be part of a project with social, ecological and environmental benefits for the community.

Smart City Program (SCS): This option is an investment in a luxury property worth a minimum of US$ 375,000, located in an environmental-friendly, self-sufficient, working or recreational space.

How to apply for Mauritian citizenship by investment?

Applying for Mauritian citizenship by investment implies several steps and documents. Depending on the nature of the investment, the application file may include, for example, a business plan, the company’s registration card, the certificate of incorporation, a brief on the company’s activities, etc.

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