Pourquoi s’expatrier pour investir ?

Why invest overseas?

Investing abroad can seem a daring decision for many. But if you’re keen on doing so, investing abroad can open up a world of opportunities. Choosing to move overseas means that investors are entitled to a wide range of benefits, including access to new markets and diversification of their portfolios, not to mention attractive tax advantages. In this article, Magellan gives you an insight into the reasons why more and more investors move and invest overseas while embracing an international strategy.

Diversification of portfolio

By moving to a foreign country, investors get the chance to benefit from better return prospects through access to growing markets and discovering new investment trends and opportunities. This approach allows the distribution of risk across different assets and helps investors avoid overly depending on a single economy or currency.

Access to new investment opportunities

By moving abroad, investors can access new investment opportunities unavailable in their home country. They can choose to invest in emerging sectors, innovative companies and attractive real estate projects, thus broadening their financial horizons and increasing their chances of achieving attractive returns. Openness to new markets can significantly boost their portfolios, enabling them to take advantage of various sources of economic growth.

Tax and regulatory benefits

Access to tax and regulatory benefits in a foreign country can help investors optimize their profitability. This also means a greater return on their investments. In addition, such incentives will likely encourage foreign investors to commit to longer-term projects, thereby contributing to the host country’s economic development and job creation.

Protection of assets

By moving to a country with a stronger legal framework, investors benefit from greater asset protection — which is likely to boost their confidence in their long-term investments. A stable legal environment reduces the risks associated with potential creditors and ensures greater financial security for foreign investors. Moreover, enhanced asset protection is a significant advantage when it comes to passing on wealth to future generations.

Potential for higher returns

Foreigners have greater opportunities for higher long-term returns by investing in growing international markets. Emerging economies, in particular, often have higher growth potential than mature economies, offering attractive investment prospects for foreign investors seeking higher returns. Geographic diversification can thus help increase the portfolio’s overall return potential. It also enables investors to participate in the economic growth of different regions of the world.

Access to growing markets

Another benefit of investing abroad is the access to expanding markets and countries experiencing sustained economic growth. These developing markets often offer attractive investment opportunities and potentially high returns over the long term. Therefore, by investing in emerging economies, investors can actively participate in their development. They can also benefit from the growth of key sectors such as technology, industry, and infrastructure, among others.

Discovering new trends

Living in a new cultural and economic environment means foreign investors are exposed to new trends and innovations. This can enable them to anticipate market developments and make informed decisions regarding their investments while taking advantage of emerging opportunities.

Financial freedom and flexibility

Living in a foreign country grants investors greater financial freedom and flexibility in asset management. This can help them optimize their tax status and choose investment solutions tailored to their personal and financial goals.

International business network

By moving overseas, investors can develop an international business network. Meeting other investors, entrepreneurs and professionals in the financial sector can open doors to new opportunities for fruitful partnerships and collaborations.

Personal enrichment

Beyond the financial aspects of moving abroad, investors are likely to enjoy a personally enriching experience. This includes discovering new cultures, and learning new languages, which can help them broaden their horizons.


For visionary investors, moving abroad opens up a world of possibilities. Diversification of portfolio, access to new investment opportunities and growing markets, and tax and regulatory benefits are just some of the reasons why investors should embrace an international strategy. Such a bold approach offers not only the potential for higher returns but also a rewarding experience, both financially and personally. To fully experience the Mauritian way of life and get the most out of the unique benefits the country has to offer, contact Magellan now.

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