Top 10 reasons to live, work and invest in Mauritius

Welcome to Mauritius, an authentic tropical paradise island attracting a growing number of foreign professionals and investors every year. The country offers an ideal ecosystem for international investment thanks to its favorable economic climate and exceptional living environment, among other advantages. Are you still wondering whether you should move here? Here are ten good reasons why Mauritius is the perfect destination for foreign investors looking to thrive in a diversified and stimulating business environment.

A favorable investment climate

Mauritius is world renowned for its attractive investment climate, stable economy, reliable legal system, etc. Its business-friendly policies offer an environment conducive to the growth and profitability of foreign investment.

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Tax benefits

Investors benefit from an attractive tax regime by choosing to set up their business in Mauritius. Here are the main benefits residents in Mauritius are eligible for:

  • 15% Value Added Tax (VAT);
  • 15% corporate tax;
  • 15% tax on personal profits or income;
  • Zero capital gains tax (on resale);
  • Zero wealth tax;
  • Zero inheritance tax.

A regional financial hub

Over the past years, Mauritius has established itself as a leading financial hub in the region, attracting investors from all over the world with its well-developed banking sector, diversified financial services and regulations that are in line with international standards.

A gateway to African markets

As a signatory of several trade agreements, Mauritius serves as an ideal platform for accessing Africa’s booming markets. Foreign investors can therefore benefit from new business opportunities in this dynamic region.

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Real estate investment opportunities

The Mauritian real estate market provides a wide range of opportunities for foreign investors, whether in residential, commercial or tourism properties. By investing in real estate projects in Mauritius, they will likely benefit from an attractive return on investment for several reasons:

  • Double taxation agreements (DTAs) with several countries. This agreement aims to avoid double taxation on the income of foreign investors and retirees in Mauritius, guaranteeing greater financial stability.
  • Tax exemption on real estate overseas. Thanks to this agreement, real estate purchased here is not subject to taxation in countries having an agreement with Mauritius.
  • Unlike many other countries, Mauritius has no property tax or council tax.
  • Property income generated in Mauritius is not taxable in countries having agreements with Mauritius.

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A skilled, bilingual workforce

Mauritius boasts a highly qualified, bilingual workforce, fluent in English and French. Foreign investors can, therefore, benefit from skilled and versatile talent to support their business projects.

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Government incentives and facilities

The Mauritian government encourages and facilitates foreign investment by offering various incentives. These measures include the Business Facilitation Act, which makes it easier to set up and run a business in Mauritius.

A solid legal and regulatory framework

Legal stability and respect for property rights are pillars of Mauritius’ business environment. Foreign investment, therefore, benefits from adequate protection.

An exceptional quality of life

By choosing Mauritius, foreign investors will also be able to enjoy an exceptional quality of life, with idyllic beaches, a wide range of outdoor activities and a safe, peaceful environment. No wonder why so many foreigners from around the world choose to make Mauritius their new home every year.

A warm welcome in a multicultural environment

Mauritius is world-famous for its warm, welcoming and tolerant population. Foreign investors won’t find it hard to integrate into this multicultural society and enjoy a pleasant community.

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Overall, Mauritius offers a favorable environment for foreign investors, with a stable economy, tax benefits and a range of government incentives. Real estate investment opportunities and access to regional markets further enhance the country’s attractiveness. By choosing Mauritius, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world open the doors to a fulfilling professional life and a dynamic and multicultural environment, guaranteeing an exceptional quality of life. To get the most out of all that Mauritius has to offer and enjoy a fulfilling experience, contact Magellan now. Our team of experts will assist you in every step of your project.

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