Is the Mauritian tourism sector still attractive to foreign investors?

A world-famous tourist destination, Mauritius keeps attracting travelers from all over the world in seeking heavenly landscapes and a unique experience at the heart of the Indian Ocean. But is the tourism sector still appealing to foreign investors? In this article, we will explore investment opportunities in the Mauritian tourism sector and analyze why it remains a prominent sector for foreign entrepreneurs.

A growing tourism market

Mauritius enjoys an ever-growing demand for tourism, attracting millions of visitors every year. Its exceptional natural attractions, such as white sandy beaches, crystal-clear lagoons, and the pleasant tropical climate, keep on attracting travelers from all over the world. This significantly contributes to the dynamism of the tourism market while offering various investment opportunities, especially in terms of hotels, catering and leisure activities.

Mauritian tourism: Around 1.3 million visitors expected in 2023

The tourism sector in Mauritius is experiencing considerable recovery from the impact of the pandemic. The island is expected to welcome between 1.27 million and 1.32 million visitors in 2023 – this represents a recovery rate of 93.6% from pre-Covid levels (2019). The sector’s growth is being driven by the recovery of the European market and the emergence of new markets, such as the Middle East. However, challenges remain, such as the slow recovery of Asian markets, the global economic slowdown and labor shortage issues, which could limit the number of visitors.

A reputation for excellence

Mauritius is world-renowned for its population’s warmth and hospitality and the quality of services available in the tourism sector. Visitors appreciate their unique experience on the island, which translates into high loyalty and positive recommendations. By investing in tourism establishments or related services, foreign entrepreneurs have the opportunity to offer exceptional experiences that will contribute to building and consolidating customer loyalty and promoting the success of their business.

Government support

The Mauritian government actively encourages investment in the tourism sector through a series of incentives and support measures. A range of tax benefits, subsidies and other facilities have been introduced over the past years to support investors in developing their tourism businesses. These incentives help to create a favorable investment environment and generate attractive returns.

A positive economic impact

Investing in the Mauritian tourism sector goes beyond profit-making. Entrepreneurs have the opportunity to contribute to the island’s economic development – especially by creating jobs – and promote the island as a leading tourist destination. Entrepreneurs actively participate in the Mauritius’ economic growth by investing in the tourism sector while benefiting from its tourist appeal.

Challenges and strategies in the Mauritian tourism sector

Despite the positive outlook, the Mauritian tourism sector has been facing challenges such as labor shortages and limitations on increasing the number of available rooms. To meet these challenges, it is recommended that a national strategy be formulated that focuses more on tourism revenues than on the number of arrivals. This will maximize economic benefits while maintaining the quality of services offered.

Challenges and opportunities Mauritius’ tourism sector

Despite these challenges, Mauritius’ tourism sector continues to offer attractive opportunities to foreign investors, supported by the growing demand, a reputation for excellence, government incentives and a positive economic impact. Savvy entrepreneurs can seize this opportunity to invest in the Mauritian tourism industry, contributing to the island’s economic prosperity while reaping long-term benefits.


The Mauritian tourism sector remains an attractive avenue to investors seeking new opportunities. With an ever-increasing demand for tourism, a reputation for excellence, government support and a positive economic impact, the island is the place to be for foreign entrepreneurs seeking attractive returns. Immerse yourself in Mauritius’ thriving tourism market and seize the opportunity to invest in a destination as exceptional as it is lucrative. Your investment will not only be profitable but will also contribute to this paradise island’s economic and tourism development.

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