Expats disagree with Mauritius’ ranking in the Worldwide Expat Index 2022

Considered an idyllic destination for settling abroad, Mauritius received a mixed appraisal in the “Worldwide Expat Index 2022” by British company William Russell. Surprisingly, the island ranked 56th out of 59 countries assessed, behind South Africa, India and Indonesia. Australia ranked first with an impressive score of 8.20 out of 10. Take a closer look at this ranking with Magellan.

A mixed record

Regarding quality of life, Mauritius ranked 51st with a score of 2.94, just behind Panama. Factors such as crime rates, average rental costs, air pollution, water quality, satisfaction with waste management, quality of green spaces, gender equality and the overall quality of life score were taken into account. In terms of healthcare, the island scored 3.47, but residents’ well-being was rated at 0.98, which suggests that residents are less satisfied than expected.

An insight into the results

However, many foreigners living in Mauritius were surprised by these results, considering the opportunities offered by the island in terms of health, employment and infrastructure. This only means that rankings don’t always capture the richness of individual experiences. The choice given to expatriates often depends on personal considerations, and each person’s experience may be unique and subjective and thus not necessarily reflected in the figures of an overall ranking.

The ranking in detail

Mauritius has been attributed an unflattering position in the “Worldwide Expat Index 2022” by insurance company William Russel, which published the report “Best countries for expats to live in 2023” intended to help prospective expatriates choose their next destination. Mauritius ranks 56ᵉ out of 59 countries evaluated, ahead of only South Africa, India and Indonesia, respectively. Australia tops the list with a score of 8.20 out of 10, followed by Iceland, Finland, Switzerland and New Zealand.

In its introduction to this report, the insurance company explains that several factors must be considered before relocating to a new country. The “Worldwide Expat Index 2022” is thus expected to help you better choose a destination. William Russel took into account the well-being of the population, the quality of the health system, employment opportunities, as well as the overall quality of life, to award points to each destination.

Mauritius scored just 2.53 out of 10 overall, scoring 2.94 for quality of life and 3.47 for the health system. The island also received a low score of 0.98 for the population’s well-being, while the employment rating is unavailable. Meanwhile, Australia scored 9.08 for population well-being, 7.67 for healthcare, 5.81 for employment opportunities and 5.62 for overall quality of life. It’s also worth noting that Kazakhstan ranks considerably higher than Mauritius, coming in eighth place, ahead of Germany, Ireland, Canada, the Netherlands, and France, with a score of 6.75.

Summing up

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