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Despite current complexities worldwide, Mauritius has remained resilient, preserving its position as one of the leading destinations for investment and anticipating global economic challenges. This ability to successfully navigate through the jolts of the global economy reflects the strategic vision and proactive measures undertaken to maintain a balance between stability and socio-economic progress. If you’re considering a move to Mauritius in 2024, take stock of this exceptional situation with Magellan.

Insights into Mauritius’ global outlook and resilience

Recent official assessments point out that Mauritius has managed to maintain its overall strength, stability and resilience in the context of its consistent growth and global socio-economic progress. Despite the persistence of macroeconomic challenges in various regions around the world, vigilance remains crucial. The global landscape is characterized by volatility during recovery and sub-optimal growth trajectories, affecting some key markets facing headwinds.

The International Monetary Fund’s (IMF) latest World Economic Outlook highlights a post-COVID-19 global recovery and the impacts of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, underlining its slow and uneven nature. The OECD also highlighted significant challenges, such as tightening monetary policy and high inflation. It describes global GDP growth prospects in 2023 and 2024 as mediocre, with medium-term prospects remaining weak.

Consistent strengthening of economic foundations in a turbulent world

In a tense global context marked by escalating geopolitical tensions, Mauritius is responsible for consolidating its fiscal space and macroeconomic buffers, strengthening its resilience in the face of external dynamics.

This compelling mission encompasses several factors, including the necessary growth of innovative economic sectors, such as renewable energy, oceanic and pharmaceutical industries. Opinion leaders and the business community unanimously recognize that this requires a lot of effort, including steps like :

  • Creating a dynamic and reliable business environment;
  • Maintaining market and financial stability;
  • Promoting a skilled and versatile workforce;
  • Increasing substantial investment in infrastructure;
  • Guaranteeing food security;
  • Increased energy accessibility;
  • Realizing aspirations linked to social inclusion, gender equality and the fight against poverty.

These ambitious measures are part of a holistic approach to building a robust economic foundation capable of withstanding today’s global challenges and catalyzing long-term sustainable development. Mauritius is demonstrating its unwavering commitment to shared prosperity and a resilient economy by making these goals a priority.

Mauritius’ firm commitment to a sustainable future and fighting climate change

The transition to an inclusive and environmentally friendly society is underway. Still, Mauritian authorities have made significant progress thanks to reforms and initiatives that highlight crucial aspects, such as:

  • Promoting sustainable finance;
  • The development of renewable energy sources;
  • Improving energy efficiency;
  • The adoption of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) principles;
  • The implementation of intelligent transport systems;
  • Introducing circular economy principles;
  • And proactive adaptation to climate change.

This transition to ecologically sustainable, low-emission development pathways is a critical element in a country’s ability to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals set by the UN by 2030. There is a strong focus on making a carbon-neutral and climate-resilient Mauritius a reality.

This unwavering commitment aims to proactively address environmental challenges related to climate change, biodiversity, resource availability and pollution. Overall, Mauritius stands out as a shining example of a sustainable future, firmly committed to preserving our planet.

Expect a promising year with Magellan at your side

The recent confirmation by Moody’s Investors Service of Mauritius’s macroeconomic robustness, now maintained at investment grade Baa3, and the awarding by Standard and Poor’s of an investment grade credit rating testify to the country’s economic strength and stability.

With Magellan by your side, your relocation to Mauritius takes a different dimension. The year 2024 is shaping up to be the ideal moment to start a new adventure in Mauritius, whether in terms of career or investment.


Thanks to our years of expertise, our team is here to guide you and help you make your dream a reality and thrive in Mauritius. Contact us now for more information and to start your journey in this beautiful jewel located at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

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